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[12 Feb 2007|07:49pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

ok so ive been a bad livejournaler...i havent posted in forever. i cannot even begin to tell you guys how busy this year has been for me. between school, friends, and personal time its been hard. i had a bf for a little bit but we just broke up so im pretty bummed. im sick of winter, its really starting to get to me. i just want to feel the sunshine and the happiness it brings


[26 Oct 2006|04:31am]
Me: I dont want to go over there anymore because hes an idiot and a loser
Mom: You knew that before though didnt you?
Me: yeah
Mom: so what? you had to go back and affirm that?

lol, my mom makes me laugh sometimes.

[24 Oct 2006|01:54am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I have the worlds worst luck with men. Seriously. The worst. My first boyfriend strung me along and then dated my best friends sister. My second boyfriend only dated me so that my best friend would date him. My 3rd and 5th boyfriends both ignored me for 2 weeks. My 4th boyfriend caused me irreprible psychological damage, then started dating someone else a week later, told me they were getting married, and she was pregnant. The next boyfriend said he wasnt ready for a relationship but a few months later tried to get me to be his fuck buddy. the recent guy uses me then says he sees no reason why he should call me. real nice. Why do I get all the assholes? I seriously dont have a single relationship that ended in a good way. A relationship that I didnt cry over. Im sick of it. Im not dating, kissing, dancing, or even looking at another guy ever again! I mean it! my cousin and I have decided to be heterosexual life mates. haha. who needs a man when you have great friends who tell you how great you are all the time and make you feel great?

on another note, i cant wait to be done school. mainly residence. its really starting to get to me. its too bad im so poor. i cant wait to have my own place...my own peace. i really need that sense of my own right now. theres always some kind of drama going on here and its driving me crazy. whether someones fighting with me or someone else is fighting with someone else. it creates such a negative mood for everyone in the apartment and i hate it. i just want neverending peace. i want to wake up every morning and know its going to be a great day. maybe i just have to make my own days great. i think im the only one who can do that and i have to just ignore everything else around me. all the negative things. i have to look out for myself from now on...

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[20 Oct 2006|06:04pm]
[ mood | confused ]

hello livejournal world,
i have decided that i do not understand men in the least. or for that matter, why we get into relationships. someone is always getting hurt. its painful, stressful, and just plain unwanted. yet we do it anyways dont we? a guy tells u that he doesnt want to see u anymore and the next thing u know he wants u again. whats a girl to do? then he leaves town and doesnt bother to tell you. grrr. i dont understand it. i dont think i ever will....i need sleep, booze and pizza.


[30 Sep 2006|02:39am]
im all alone...im always all alone....so what do i do when im alone? i turn to food to comfort me. thats why im so fat. thats why im so ugly. how come the worst people u ever meet get a significant other while i dont? its stupid. maybe i should become a bitch or a stupid girl...guys seem to like them over someone like me. im a kind, caring, smart girl. im funny, compassionate, willing to try almost anything. but does a guy like a girl like me? no. i dont know why. my roommate gets to be in the greatest, sweetest relationship. she goes shopping for surprises for her bf. i buy sexy shorts/underwear and only show them to myself. or my roommates if i choose to walk around in them. a guy danced with me tonight but it turns out hes 32, has 2 kids and probably a wife. what an asshole. where have all the good guys gone. Lord, i hope you have saved someone fantastic for me, cause i sure do need him!

[19 Sep 2006|06:27pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

so my dog is dying. She has a tumor and it is terminal in her pancreas. she is on pills for now until the seizures become too bad that she cant function. then we will have to put her to sleep. ive been crying my eyes out. I love Cuddles so much and I dont want to let her go. she is such a wonderful part of my life. she has been like my best friend. when im home, shes always in my arms. it just wont be the same but i dont want her to suffer either, she deserves better than that. Im going home this weekend so i can see her. 
I love you forever

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life sucks sometimes [17 Sep 2006|11:17am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

well guys have to be just about the stupidest creatures on the planet! you think you know someone and can trust them with EVERYTHING but no! one word of advice girls, dont even try talking to your guy when hes drunk. mine fell asleep on a chair with salad in his hand and i asked him to come to bed and he started swearing at me. after awhile i left the room...i came back and all my shit was in the hallway and the door was locked. how mature is that?? i talked to him this morning and he said he didnt know what the fuck was going on and didnt want to deal with it. he said he wasnt swearing at me but he just swears alot period. i dont know if i should just look past this whole thing or what? he wasnt appologetic...it was like he didnt care. but i guess thats normal for a guy right? what do you guys think? im so confused...i like him and want things to work out. i dont know what hes thinking tho...maybe ill send him a card. i dunno. god, why is life so complicated sometimes.
anyways, in other news, i was in a contest at the strip club last night and won $50. i was disappointed because another girl who was the worst up there won $300! just so you know, i wasnt stripping, lol. well i guess $50 is better than nothing right?

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woot! 2 updates in one dat! [01 Sep 2006|02:47am]
Do you ever feel like you do things just because they are expected of you? Just because they are the right thing to do but not because you actually want to do them? Why bother? Life is too short to be doing things for someone else. Live the way you want to and dont care about what others will think.

On another note, im moving on Saturday! yayayayayay(x infinity). this year will be great i know it =) i have a bunch of (reasonable) goals and i hope to achieve them. wish me luck!

[31 Aug 2006|10:37pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Im really pissed off that the two last scary movies I saw were so damn confusing! Im not smart enough to figure that stuff out! haha. well i guess im smart enough, its just that I dont think deep enough i guess. The movies Im refering to are Silent Hill and An American Haunting. The later left me so confused that I had to search on Google for an explanation. Has anyone seen these movies? What did you think they meant?

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[27 Aug 2006|09:55pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey everybody.
I cant believe some of you get to go back to school on monday! so lucky! I have to wait until Saturday and thats not even when classes start, haha. I am excited for this year. I really enjoyed last year and feel like Art and Religion are the right course paths for me. My summer went by pretty fast but I havent saved enough money :S. im so stressed about it. im supposed to go to New York in October"(dont know if i mentioned that already). its going to be so much fun but part of me is thinking of not going to save money. the other part of me says that it will be an amazing trip that i probably wont ever take again. what to do? im bringing my baby Cuddles to the vet tomorrow. shes been having lots of seizures so im bringing her to Quebec to see if they can help out. i dont know what i would do if i ever lost her. shes like my best friend, my best companion and the best listener. shes been with me for half of my life and to me thats a long time. i treat her just like she was my baby. if i wasnt living with my parents she would be so spoiled. lol. well wish me luck

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[25 Aug 2006|10:10pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Sometimes I do things that I know are bad and lead to addictive and deadly consequences. But I dont think it would ever get to the point where my life would be in danger. I like to think that im in control of it and i really am. Im not like everyone else. I know when its gone too far...but why do I even do it? I guess its just the pressures Im faced with every day. In society, you arent beautiful unless you look a certain way and to be honest, im not even close to that. I dont really have a problem with myself most of the time tho. Theres just a few things im working on. i dunno...i guess im okay...


[18 Aug 2006|03:02pm]
so guys are absolutely stupid! like the male population really needs to grow a brain! i was dating this guy this summer and we broke up because he wasnt ready for a relationship. then 3 weeks later he says that hes cleared his head and is ready. we go on a date and he kisses me like 5 times. a couple of days later he calls me and says 'we're just friends right?' and im like 'ummmm'. he says 'i thought that was the impression i was sending out.' and i said 'so u kiss your friends?' and he said 'well it was just an end of the night kind of thing'. yeah fucking right! he kissed me 5 times...said he really likes me. said i turn him on without even doing anything. like what the fuck. why are men so clueless??? i give up!
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[09 Aug 2006|10:13pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Kat: my poor virgin ears
T: haha, thats probably the only thing on you thats virgin
K: how do u devirgin your ears?
T: put a dick in them
K: um, i dont sleep with guys that have that small of dicks...lol

Gotta love Tim Hortons headset conversations


hey guys [04 Aug 2006|11:42am]
sorry i havent written in so long. i dont have much going on in my life right now and i dont go on the internet much anymore. im working at tim hortons right now and thats going pretty good. im not getting many shifts tho so ive been doing some paintings to sell. i got a new piercing on my ear and im not a red head anymore. i guess thats about all thats new.

Long Weekend Madness [22 May 2006|08:11pm]
How was everyones long weekend? mine was alright. I went to Sudbury on Saturday to visit my grandparents at their camp. it was raining and cold. i spent the day inside, took a nap and got to watch some fireworks that my dad set off. while i was laying on the dock staring up at them, i couldnt help but feel like everything in my life was perfect. like i didnt have anything in the world to worry about. i love moments like that. on sunday i went to see the Da Vinci code and bought some new shoes. the movie was awesome and everyone should go see it! afterwards i went out fishing in the rain, hail and then snow. i know im crazy, you dont have to tell me. i did catch a pikerel tho, haha. i had on like 4 layers of clothes and a rain poncho. i was curled up in a ball on the floor of my boat to keep warm, lol. after that we did some fireworks again. then we came back here on monday. while we were unpacking i heard my dog squeeling in pain. i dropped everything to run to her, thinking the worst. it turns out that my brother slammed her paw into the van door. luckily she was ok but that didnt stop me from crying. i thought i had lost her for sure. my brother was in hysterics and couldnt be calmed down. it made me realize that we are totally not ready to lose her. if she died i dont know what we would do. i love her so much. i spend so much time with her. anyways, that was my weekend...i didnt get to sleep in and ill probably wake up with a cold tomorrow but all in all it was pretty good.

Me, Myself and I, thats all I got in the end. thats what I found out & there aint no need to cry [10 May 2006|09:55pm]
[ mood | content ]

well my birthday was actually very good. i got to go out with some people and spent the day with my family. sometimes the little things let you know which ppl actually care about you. i mean i guess to some people certain things arent as important as they are to me. but i think that remembering a friends birthday is one of the most important things in a friendship. its the one day of the year that you should remember your friend and make the special effort to say happy birthday. i know its hard in this day and age because everyone is so busy. it seems like everyone is getting more and more wrapped up in their own stuff. i guess in the end it doesnt really matter, im the only one who can make myself happy. im all that ive got to truly depend on. it doesnt matter if a friend forgets about me or doesnt call. because they are the ones missing out, not me. i cant let it get to me or bring me down. ive just got to try my best each and every day.

on that note, i got 76% in art history!!! yayayayayay! sorry, im just super excited about it. i was aiming for 75% in all of my classes for this semester...only one of them was under that :( ah well, i tried my best. next year will hopefully be better. im going to push myself even harder. what im most proud of is that i balanced my classes so well. i took fewer ones so i had more time for myself. i was less stressed out and actually had a part time job first semester. it really, really helped me out in the long run. i was able to have fun and work hard. which, in my opinion, is what university should be all about =) oh, and i started the diet i was on last summer again. i hope it goes just as well. and i hope that the start of everyone elses summer has been wonderful!


gotta love small towns [06 May 2006|05:12pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i hate this town sometimes. tomorrow is my b-day and the only friend that cares in this town is sick right now. i was supposed to go to north bay to celebrate with mandy but that isnt possible because i have no money. i just sometimes wish i had a good group of friends here that would say "katrina, we're throwing you a b-day party" or "come on we're going to the bar to get you drunk". the more time i spend away from this town the harder it is to find something like that. everyone is slowly going their own ways. im forced to make new friends and go on paths im not totally comfortable with. i guess its all a part of growing up. its not always easy. my best friend in this town is leaving me to go work in New Brunswick. im so happy that she gets a great opportunity like this. its something shes always wanted. but it just sucks to have to be so far away from her. last summer was the best summer because she was here. we had so much fun together. now she'll be gone =(. and it turns out that last time i was here i kissed another girls boyfriend. i didnt know of course that he had a girlfriend but it still made me feel really bad. she called me up and everything. at least she was really nice about it. i just hate being in the middle of that sort of thing you know? i guess it just cant be avoided sometimes. anyways, i start work on monday in an elementary school. it should go good i hope. i got everything moved back home last week and that went well. i hope this will be a good summer...and a good birthday :S

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[06 Apr 2006|01:33pm]
you would think that since Kirstie Alley lost all that weight her mindframe would have changed. but it didnt...shes still got the fat woman inside of her just dying to come out again. she comes on those damn jenny craig commercials saying that theres no food like cake. yeah im real sure she lost all that weight by eating lots of cake. and im sure thats how she will get fat again. dont act like you're not secretly wishing for it to happen, haha.

[06 Apr 2006|12:18pm]

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Listerine is the devils mouthwash [04 Apr 2006|11:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]

ok so i know this is kind of late but i was wondering if anyone watched the junos? i watched a little bit of it then changed the channel due to its suckiness. i love the band hedley...correction: i love Jacob(the lead singer). or at least i used to until i saw their performance. now i question whether he is gay or not. the performance would say that he is. i dont have anything against that except he was running around the stage in a weird way and kept on putting his hand on his waist. it was just plain annoying.

also i have decided that the only purpose of listerine is to BURN ALL FUCKING FEELING IN MY MOUTH!!!! damn you Listerine....damn you.

got a new piercing today too...click here, you know you wanna ;) i know its not anything shocking or anything but ive wanted to get it done for years now. im proud of myself for doing it! well i guess thats all for now. Latahs!

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